The Borderland Rainbow Center (BRC) is an LGBTQ Community Center that serves queer people of all ages. They promote healing and empowerment through support groups, therapy on a sliding-scale, casework and referrals, and by providing healthy social and educational events. BRC transforms their community through advocacy and training so that allies in the educational, medical, mental health, social services, legal, and business fields are better equipped to serve the LGBTQ community.

BRC has had several youth advocate board members, and over a dozen youth who’ve volunteered in their food pantry as well as on other projects in and throughout their organization. They often partner with local QSAs and GSAs, and much of their connection with local youth begins through those organizations.

El Paso, TX

Youth Members
Years with TYAN

“Our youth are literally our community’s future.  Youth have a long history of being overlooked or dismissed and told that their opinions either do not matter or have no merit due to lack of experience.  Empowering our youngest community members has the potential to change everyone’s world for the better!”

Lorena Silva-Edwards • Executive Director


BRC is excited to partner with TYAN and bring their organization up to speed with best practices in engaging with youth. Through their partnership, BRC looks forward to learning new strategies for outreach, engagement, training and maintaining connections.