Last minute ideas to show love for the youth in your life this Valentine’s Day.

In between Super Bowl parties, President’s Day break, and counting down the days until spring weather, it’s easy for Valentine’s Day to get lost in the shuffle. But there is still time to do something special and show the youth in your life that you care. Whether you’re a parent, relative, guardian, or other caring adult, we have ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with one, a few, or many youth.

For the parent, guardian, relative, anyone with youth at home:

  • Theme out dinner. It may be too late to get a dinner reservation but not too late to change up a home cooked meal. Use cookie cutters, pans, or molds to shape your food into hearts. Turn those side dishes red with tomato sauce or food dye. Add a special chocolate dessert or other decadent sweet to the menu. Challenge your youth to set the table with as much red, pink, or other love décor they can find around the house.

  • Give them a coupon book. What better way to show love then giving them a day off on chores? 😊 Use our coupon book or come up with your own. Let your kiddo redeem the coupons over time to extend the sentiment longer than just one day.

  • Share what you love about them. This one is great to do as a group! Every member of the house or family gets a blank card with their name on it. Others write one thing they love about that person on their card and the cards are shared. Encourage sincere responses…but a few silly ones can make it fun.

For the mentor, group leader, or other caring adult:

  • Send a heartfelt message to the group. Youth-adult partnerships not only help youth but also benefit caring adults. Use Valentine’s Day to tell them how much this group means to you. Being open about your appreciation is a great way to model healthy emotions for youth.

  • Hand out Valentines. Cards are a classic move. An easy upgrade to the store-bought Valentines is cards with snacks and puns! Here are some ideas to get you started. Or Pinterest is full of punny ideas that all can enjoy.

  • Play a Valentine’s themed game. Meeting with your group this week? Carve out a few minutes to play some games. This list makes fun challenges out of conversation candy hearts.



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