This March we are celebrating Youth Art Month. Art can be a great way for youth to calm their anxieties and help them cope with other mental health issues. We have gathered some activities for your youth to help get their creative wheels spinning!


  • Therapeutic Painting: Grab some paint, a couple of brushes, and whatever you want your canvas to be. Encourage youth to just paint something that makes them feel calm.
  • Pattern Tape Art: All you need for this one is some tape, a solid canvas, and paint. Begin by having youth lay the tape in any design they want. Once the tape is down, have youth paint over the tape. Once the paint has dried, carefully remove the tape from the canvas, and enjoy the pattern art!

  • Melted Crayon Art: This one is a little more complex and better to do with older youth, but the outcome is beautiful! We have included an instructional Youtube video
  • Plant Pot Art: Gather some planting pots, paint, and plant seeds. First, have youth decorate their pot. Once pots have dried, plant something in the pot and have them take care of their plant.
  • Foil Sculpture: All you need for this one is enough foil for each of your youth to make a mini sculpture. Add a competitive flair by making it a timed competition.

  • Mood board: Simply have youth bring in old magazines and their imagination. Encourage them to create a mood board with any photos that excite them, motivate them, calm them, etc.

  • Choreograph a TikTok with your youth: Make a song, a dance, or even a skit! Do something creative with your youth to share what makes your youth special!


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