Project Description


MADLINEMAN aims to teach and support the continued growth of male youth by providing a trusted opportunity of expression through cooperative fellowship and interactive experiences. MADLINEMAN foresees the youth they work with serving as “Life Skills Ambassadors” to a wider youth demographic. Essentially, seeking to “train the trainer” so their youth can facilitate peer training of their own.

Moving forward, MADLINEMAN hopes to provide youth with a trusted outlet for expression and emotional intelligence skills. Their goal is to create a culture that sees mentorship as an effective way of developing individuals; and helping youth grow and contribute as active citizens through service and leadership.


Pearland, TX

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Years with TYAN

“A healthy synergy between the youth and adults is always ideal. While adults can help serve as a shining positive example and model for growth, the youth are able to offer their enthusiasm, creativity, and concerns of the day.”

Fred Weary - Founder


MADLINEMAN looks forward to partnering with TYAN to explore and promote strategies that engage youth and their families along a continuum from simple information sharing to targeted engagement opportunities and decision making for the benefit of youths, adults and the overall program.