The year is coming to an end and we know what time it is…holiday party time!! We’ve put together a list of great party activity ideas. Whether your party is in-person or virtual, we want to help you have the most memorable time with your youth. Remember to tag us in your posts because we can’t wait to see all the fun you and your group have this holiday season!


  • Winter Scavenger Hunt: Texas Edition – Winter in Texas is weird! See someone wearing shorts in December or spot a tree with leaves??? Create your own winter scavenger hunt to celebrate how unique winter in Texas is!

  • Do something charitable – Get in the giving spirit by going with your youth to volunteer and help others. Consider taking older youth to go read to a group of younger youth for the afternoon. Challenge your youth to find opportunities you all can volunteer at.

  • Go on a reading trip – Go to the public library and have youth pick out a book. Then head to the park where you can all sit and read your books.
  • Guess the baby photo! – Have youth and adults bring a photo of themselves as a baby to your party. Put all the photos up on a board and have all the youth guess whose photo is whose.

  • TikTok Dance Competition – Have your youth pair up and perform a Tik Tok Dance together.

  • Name that Song! – Play a song and the first person to guess the name of the song gets to choose the next song for the game!

  • Candy Exchange – Each youth can bring some candy or sweet wrapped up to use for the exchange. Youth sit in a circle and pass the wrapped candy gifts while a song plays. When the song stops, they can all open their candy gifts. **important note: be cautious of food allergies**

  • Puzzle challenge for Youth Adult Partnerships (YAPs) – Get in groups with youth and adult mentors and compete against other in a puzzle making challenge! First group to finish gets hot cocoa.

  • S’mores and Hot Cocoa – Cook up some s’mores and sip on hot cocoa with your youth and have everyone share their best memory from 2021!

  • Resolutions for 2022 – Work with youth to create some New Year’s Resolutions for themselves. Resolutions could include speaking up for themselves, accomplishing a large goal, raising their grades, etc. For an added conversation, encourage youth to contribute to an organizational resolution list. What can your group do better in the new year?



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